It’s very easy for a martial arts academy to sway off track in one of two directions.
Very commonly you will see an effort to keep everyone happy in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately many times this happens at the sacrifice of training seriously and keeping class a difficulty level high enough to create growth and evolution amongst it’s students.
This will generally cause a severe decline in the skill levels developing at the academy at all levels.  We make sure that we avoid this pitfall at the academy here, by taking technique and training very seriously on a daily basis.

Just as common as the ladder you will see academies sway in the other direction. These academies will focus only on creating champions in sport, and not acknowledging the fact that the majority of practitioners aim to train as a hobby. It’s often that the quest for a gold medal gets out of hand and at the cost of the hospitality of the gym. Walking into a gym like this can feel quite unwelcoming.

We’ve made a strong commitment to creating a extremely welcoming environment while creating extremely knowledgeable and skilled martial artists! Passion fuels progress!

Learn  Jiu-Jitsu in Cedar Hill Texas in a welcoming environment.