Consistency creates an accumulative effect that is second to none.

Its very often that you hear that consistency is key when aiming to get better at Jiu-Jitsu. This is absolutely the truth. Just like weight lifting or eating healthy it isn’t one individual day that creates results, but the accumulative effect of all the time spent working towards your goal.

Consistency isn’t the only key though. How you train determines success just as much as consistency. You could easily show up to class everyday but not work specific skills when or how they should be worked, and unfortunately your consistency would be in vain.

As a student, your job is to be as consistent as you possibly can. Always let your coach know any issues you may be having, and trust the process.

The manner in which you train almost completely falls on the coaches shoulders. A good coach should be able to analyze where you are at in this process, what you need to work on, your strengths ,weaknesses and much more. Processing all this information and putting together a formula for you to be as skilled as possible in the most efficient manner is the coaches job.
There can be MANY variables to this equation, fortunately though, this isn’t an equation you need to solve. Your job as a student is to show up CONSISTENTLY!


Don’t overthink it, thats your coaches job.