We sent 3 competitors to the Fight 2 Win Jiu-Jitsu competition on October 4th.

Sheliah Lindsey came home with the victory over a current UFC fighter. Sheliah submitted her accomplished opponent in 1 minute and 40 seconds with a triangle choke from the closed guard. Big Congratulations to Sheliah for her accomplishments in Jiu-Jitsu, we look forward to all the great things she will accomplish in the future.

Tommy Nichol didn’t get the W but earned fight of the night! Tommy showed incredible heart and won over the commentators approval with his perseverance and escape prowess. Caught in several tough positions, Tommy pushed through and showed the heart that we all know he has! Congratulations Tommy, we are extremely proud of you.

Keonta Golson earned a victory over a very tough opponent and 2018 Blue Belt Masters world Champion. Keonta dictated the direction of the fight with his takedowns. He continued to make intelligent decisions while on top and earned the judges decision for the W. We are so proud of you Keonta, you are forever our mat enforcer!

Congratulations to not only the competitors but also to everyone who prepared them! Incredible training partners, friends, and family there for them every step of the way! This accomplishment belongs to all of us!