We’ve had quite a few competitors showing off their skills already in 2022.
In the title picture we have Sheliah Lindsey who won the Midwest Finishers tournament in Chicago. She submitted 3 opponents in a row, all by RNC. This won her the chain you see and a 2k dollar prize! You can learn from the #4 ranked lightweight in the world here in Cedar Hill, TX.


Below, Caleb won his gi division in Spectacular fashion! taking the back and finishing with a bow and arrow choke in his first match. In his second match he finished with a straight ankle lock. Congratulations Caleb! We are so proud of you! 


Many of our other students did very well in their tournament bringing home tons of Gold medals! Congratulations to everyone!

We touch on this subject a lot, but Jiu-Jitsu is so much more than competition. Most of our students train for hobby and self defense. Whatever the reason is that your in search for this wonderful martial art, we are here to give you the ABSOLUTE best instruction around!