Sheliah Lindsey if our first student to go from absolute beginner all the way to black belt! We are incredibly proud of her, and look forward to those that will follow the path that she has paved!

Black belt is reserved for the select few human beings that make Jiu-Jitsu a big part of their life for an extended period of time. Sheliah came in the Academy in February of 2014 and just 6 1/2 years later she received her black belt. She trained an average of 6 days per week over this time and often multiple times per day. Although many people will receive their black belts in different amounts of time, they all have 1 thing in common; countless hours on the mat.

If you would like to learn from Professor Sheliah, come check out her Wed/Thur evening class! She also teaches on Sunday mornings!

Cedar Hill Martial Arts is making waves and Sheliah Lindsey is at the forefront showing everyone how it’s done!